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Exceptional Health Care
Right at Your Doorstep
With a Pursuit for Excellence
and a Caring Attitude.

Contact Information

icon address 5310 Old Court Road, Suite 303
Baltimore, MD 21133
icon phone Phone: 410-521-8000
Fax:      410-655-5826
icon email Email: info@temahhealthcare.com
icon web www.temahhealthcare.com
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Welcome toTemah Healthcare Services, LLC

We are aware that more and more people are opting for their care to be provided in the comfort of their homes, and in realization of that, we have dedicated our services to making it possible to stay in the comfort of your home while you receive medical care. Being sick or homebound can make it difficult to make your doctor’s appointments or simply for convenience, you may want to avoid the long wait at your doctor’s office, Temah Healthcare Services will bring quality medical care to your doorstep. We pride in serving you!

" Redefining Health Care in an Excellent Way "